When too much is really too much

December 24th, 2011

Especially in industrialized countries of the Western World, work has become a substitute for private life and leisure time. Although people state, that they love being workaholics, they become chronically tired, stressed and thus depressed. Such a state may be extremely harmful not only for the worker himself, but in the long run also damages the performance of the company, where he is employed, and, last but not least, the worker’s personal environment – his family and friends. Certainly, one question arises – what to do in order to fight enduring stress and fatigue? The answer is obvious – take more time-outs. More time for one self: Whether it’s about spending more time with one’s family, at home or outdoors, going to the pub with friends, simple flower bed edging in the garden or watching some TV at night – the possibilities are unlimited. All that matters most is a variety in everyday life!
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Turnitin benefits

July 9th, 2011

Turnitin benefits
Turnitin is an anti-plagiarism detector that brings both disadvantages and benefits to users. The plagiarism tool helps instructors and tutors in universities check copied student essays. The foolproof plagiarism tool has sparked some legal controversy because the software itself gives the scanned research paper a score based on frequency of duplicate phrases found in the paper.

Catch those who cheat
Turnitin uses proprietary database for its extensive search on duplicate or copied content including analysis on public databases and websites. Although the software has been helping schools and universities catch students who copied content or cheated, it sparked controversy on the way the student’s efforts were being graded. Turnitin not only functions to find plagiarized sentences but also grades submitted research papers and essays for plagiarism check.

Unfair grading system
Universities subscribed to the service because it not only finds plagiarized sentences but also takes away the large amount of time and efforts spent by instructors to read and grade papers. One of the options is for students to submit their essays to the service for plagiarism detection and evaluation. The instructors normally upload the essays to the service directly. The students may upload their research papers through the University’s WebCT or webpage.

The plagiarism checker process
The software compares the student’s submitted essays first with their collection of essays within their database. Next, the software then runs a comparison across search engines. Lastly, the software grades the research paper according to the percent dupe or frequency of similar phrases.

How do you think a student trying to get good grades would feel about this?
Most students feel that their efforts in making a good paper is not being evaluated fairly. Just imagine making good research and putting quality content but the paper would only be graded based on percent dupe. Although the system practically helps instructors to spot copied phrases, it does not motivate students to perform in their writing assignments.
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Distract from ECCE 2008 and buy movie downloads to relax

December 3rd, 2010

It was very interesting to read about European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE 2008) and materials that they spread on their site but then I got tired with such serious theme as cognitive ergonomics and decided to distract from reading these smart things and watch some movies. I was surfing through Internet when suddenly found this great resource where I could buy movie downloads and download tons or most famous and wonderful films! For example, I downloaded my favorite movie The Godfather: Part II, watched it with great pleasure and only then continued to drown in the world of cognitive ergonomics.
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What do you mean by Cognitive Ergonomics?

December 1st, 2010

The term ergonomics is commonly known as “fitting systems to human beings” which can be translated out as using tools, tasks and environments to fit certain human cognitive abilities and take into account of human boundaries. To simplify things, it would be best if we look designing a keyboard as an example. The keyboard maximizes our ability to type accurately. The goal of cognitive ergonomics is simply to limit the human error when dealing with complicated user interfaces.
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Cognitive Ergonomics Procedures

November 15th, 2010

There has been a lot of information delivered about cognitive ergonomics and how it is used in the modern designs today. As the ticking of the clocks goes on, there have been some procedures or methods being refined. The first was Hierarchical Task Analysis which was published in the year 1992 by Kirwan and Ainsworth. As of this modern year of 2000s, we have been seeing a lot of works that have popped up including the “Cognitive Task Analysis” as one of them.
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Cognitive ergonomics is to be framed

November 1st, 2010

In order for cognitive ergonomics to be implemented, an appropriate framework is really required. An analytic conceptualization will be able to determine the possible mismatches or matches of the cognitive processes which is commonly termed here as framework. Framework is commonly consists of concepts, ideas, and planning of the cognitive ergonomics. But ideology and concepts do not merely complete the framework of the cognitive ergonomics since it also requires the developing processes.
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The Objectives of Cognitive

October 15th, 2010

As the operator of almost all the industries of today, cognitive ergonomics depends mainly on the processes including the diagnostics and the effective decision, planning and realization. In every aspect of the industries’ productivity, performance is all that matters which is why, cognitive ergonomics is also centralized on enhancing along with the regular process involving for the better interaction of humans with machines as well.
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European Conference of Cognitive Ergonomics workshop

May 28th, 2010

This year there is a new element to the ECCE; submissions for one-day workshop are being accepted. The workshops will be held Aug 24th 2010, a day before the ECCE 2010 conference. Workshop candidates should submit a 2 pages paper using the Template which is provided on the conference website. The paper should explain the topic of the workshop, how it is set up, how the participants will run through the workshop and the purpose of the workshop. International cartel are most welcomed and preferred.
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The aim of the European Conference of Cognitive Ergonomics

May 5th, 2010

This year the ECCE focus is to provide opportunities for researchers to exchange and develop their new ideas and practical experience in all areas of cognitive ergonomics. They get together to present and discuss all their innovative research and hard work. ECCE 2010 all the participants share all their knowledge and research in cognitive ergonomics with the goal of developing and elevate the relationship between cognitive sciences and all the technical data processing system developments.
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Cognitive Objectives

April 21st, 2010

Cognitive ergonomics which the operator of all the industry these days is totally dependent on the processes including the diagnostics and the effective decision realization and planning for the same. Performance is all what matters the industries the most hence cognitive ergonomics is also concentrated on enhancing it along with the regular processes. It involved to better the interaction of humans with machines as well.
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